formatting using PHP

So you’ve gone though some of the tutorial, and you can make some nifty things in PHP. But the problem is, they all look like plain text. How do you jazz them up?

Formatting with PHP actually isn’t done with PHP, it’s done with HTML. You can do this in two ways. You can add the HTML inside of the PHP… or you can add the PHP inside of the HTML. Either way, make sure your file is saved as a .php or another file type that is allowed to execute PHP on your server.

HTML inside PHP


echo “<font color=red>Premal Katigar</font>”;


PHP inside HTML

<font color=”red”>

<?php echo “Premal Katigar”; ?>



How to Send email with WordPress

I will show you how to send mail to others using wordpress with your gmail account.

download wp smtp plugin.

here is link for free download :

Open it from Settings -> WP SMTP


WP SMTP Settings page opened :



Now write

select SSL authantication

SMTP port is 465


user name is your email.

password is your email